What FitTAP Students Are Saying

Tamilee Webb loves FitTAP & highly recommends it. It is one of her favorite dance workout classes. This cardio tap dance workout is fun.

An Amazing Dance Workout

"One of my favorite and amazing dance workout classes to participate in when I want to do something different and fun is FitTAP! I believe the more you challenge yourself with different workouts the better it is for your body, mind and coordination. I am usually the one in the back row having a lot of fun while getting a great workout! I highly recommend it!"

Tamilee Webb

Fitness Guru

Creator of Buns of Steel

FitTAP is a Mood Booster Every Time

"I am a huge fan of Sylvania's FitTAP program. Not only is it a great physical workout, it also engages your mental stamina and coordination with rhythmic progressions.

Combine these elements with upbeat tunes, and it's a mood booster every time!"

Mia Stefanko is a huge fan of FitTAP. Great for mental stamina and coordination.
FitTAP is far more than a tap dance workout. FitTAP is good for your brain as well.

You Won't Want to Stop

“I have been an avid FitTAPper for over 3 years ... my only regret is that I did not find FitTAP sooner! FitTAP brings the whole tap dance and fitness experience to a higher level. FitTAP is far more than learning to tap dance or having a great cardio based workout, you are giving your brain a fabulous jolt as well! As a physician with a pretty hectic lifestyle, I try to make FitTAP a priority in my schedule. My only warning - once you get started - you won't want to stop!”

Mia Stefanko


Ranch & Coast Magazine

Nancy Cetel Weiss, MD


Speaking of Health

As a Bonus - FitTAP Challenges Your Brain

“FitTAP enhances core body toning; posture, cardiovascular, coordination, balance, and mental alertness in a low impact high paced fun method. It is an all in one yoga, Pilates, aerobics, and memory-training course. This combination challenges the brain to learn at a safe cardiovascular stimulating pace utilizing both visual and auditory senses. This is just what the doctor ordered!””

Dr. Alters specializes in enhancing brain performance. He thinks FitTAP is just what the doctor ordered.

FitTAP Always Makes It Interesting

“I have been a fitness/pilates instuctor for 20 years and I love this class! FitTAP always makes it interesting and keeps you moving so you get your heart rate up and work your muscles, learn rhythm and challenge your coordination.”

Dennis B. Alters, MD, DFAP

Board Certified Child & Adult Psychiatry

Specialing in enhancing brain performance

Robyn loves FitTAP tap dance workouts. She says FitTAP is interesting, gets your heart rate up, and keeps you moving.

Robyn Bailis-Sirota


Center of Movement & Balance

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