• Superior Core®

    This mindful body conditioning technique class is designed to increase strength, flexibility, and balance while improving stability and mobility. Experience a better understanding of postural integrity and movement to meet specific individual fitness levels and goals with the added benefits of tighter abs and arms!.

    Please wear exercise shoes, and bring exercise mat.

    Combine Pilate & Ballet for a conditioning core class. A perfect compliment to FitTAP or any cardio program.
  • Once and For All™

    Maybe it's not just what you eat, but how you eat.

    Get inspired! Listen as Sylvania shares her professional and personal experiences on weight management with some behavioral tips she has learned along the way in her fitness journey that have made a big difference in her life and the lives of others. These simple but powerful tips, incorporated with a regular exercise program, may be the key to weight management success “once and for all!”

    Sylvania Reyna shares her powerful tips for weight management success - Once & For All.
  • Choreography

    Could you use some creative juice?

    Need some creative help with choreography for dance or fitness? Get the professional assistance you need to polish what you have or have a custom routine created to meet your specific needs, big or small, for personal or professional event or media.

    Get professional choreography assistance with FitTAP Founder, Sylvania Reyna.
Join Sylvania Reyna for FitTAP in San Diego County. Encinitas studio FitTAP location.

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